Dickies Double Knee Work Pants

The Dickies Double Knee Work Pants are a comfortable, stylish, and long-lasting workwear clothing item. If you need a pair of pants that are capable of holding up during your grueling work day, you need not look any further than the Dickies Double Knee Work Pants. Best of all, MinnesotaWorkwear.com offers the lowest prices on the internet and all orders over $99 ship for free! So what are you waiting for? Stock up on all of your favorite Dickies workwear today! Minnesota Workwear offers the lowest prices on Dickies around, plus orders over $99 ship for free. What are you waiting for? Place your order today!

Dickies Double Knee Work Pants Feature:

  • Multiple tool pockets & hammer loops
  • Durable drill fabric
  • Double back pocket
  • Opening at reinforced double knee for knee pads
  • Wider, deeper rule pocket on right leg
  • Triple stitched felled seams
  • Fits over work boots
  • 8¾ oz. Painter’s Drill, 100% Cotton
  • Relaxed Fit
  • Straight Leg

Whether you’re on the job at a construction site or just pulled up to a paint job, Dickies Double Knee Work Pants are what you need to stay comfortable and clean all day long. Work pants are specially made with room for movement in the legs, allowing you to complete the job at hand without sacrificing your personal comfort. Because working outdoors and on construction sites involves getting dirty, these types of pants are made out of material that is easy to clean and won’t fall apart after only a few laundry cycles.

Starting out as a bib overall company, Dickies has certainly grown. The clothing company was established in 1922 and has been growing strong ever since. The company originally started as a small business that outgrew their warehouse and expanded across the US, then Europe, and throughout the world. They are known as the world’s largest work wear manufacturer.

Dickies Men’s Work Shirts

In our opinion, there’s nothing tougher than a Dickies men’s work shirt. A Dickies men’s work shirt is sure to look great, and stand up to the harshest working conditions. Designed to last, but also for comfort, Dickies men’s work shirts are a no-brainer for hard working men today. With a wide range of colors, sizes, fits and styles, Dickies men’s work shirts are sure to fit any occasion or body type. Work shirts are an important addition to every working man and woman’s wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for appropriate work attire, or an employer looking to professionally outfit your employees, these shirts are a great choice.

Choose the Right Dickies Men’s Work Shirt for Your Profession:

• Dickies 1574 Short Sleeve Work Shirt
• Dickies 574 Long Sleeve Work Shirt
• Dickies LL307 Long Sleeve Industrial Cotton Work Shirt
• Dickies LS524 Short Sleeve Industrial Color Block Shirt
• Dickies LL535 Long Sleeve Industrial Work Shirt
• Dickies LL524 Long Sleeve Industrial Color Block Shirt
• Dickies LL536 Long Sleeve Industrial Patterned Shirt
• Dickies LS307 Short Sleeve Industrial Cotton Work Shirt

Dickies is your most reliable and trusted workwear brand of today. They have been creating workwear items made to fit all of your needs since 1922. Their workwear items are made to fit every occasion including hard working conditions. Built with style in mind you will look great in Dickies shirts whether on the job or hanging out with friends on the weekend. Minnesota Workwear is your primary source of great Dickies men’s work shirts at great prices. Not only do we have an excellent selection and rock bottom prices, MinnesotaWorkwear.com also offers free shipping on orders over $100! What have you got to lose? Stock up for the upcoming summer months with Minnesota Workwear. A great place to start is Dickies men’s work shirts. You won’t be sorry.

Dickies Jacket

As the weather turns from winter snow to spring rain, you might start thinking about purchasing a dickies jacket. Comfortable, and versatile during those finicky spring days and nights, a dickies jacket is just what hard working men and women need to stay warm and dry on the job. Here in the Midwest, we know first-hand that you could start the day in 40 degree rainy weather, and be sunburned by lunch. There’s an old saying around here that says, if you don’t like the weather in Minnesota, just wait a minute. That’s why hard working men and women who brave the elements every day know that a Dickies jacket is unmatched in quality and comfort. These are the days when a lightweight, layer-able jacket is the only thing that will do. Read on to learn which Dickies jackets are the best styles for that rainy spring weather.

Best Dickies Jacket Styles for Spring:

  • Dickies 33-237 Fleece Lined Hooded Nylon Jacket
  • Dickies 3494 Denim Blanket Lined Chore Coat
  • Dickies 76-242 Snap Front Nylon Jacket
  • Dickies 77-293 Denim Zip Front Chore Coat
  • Dickies 78-266AL Hip Length Twill Jacket
  • Dickies JT75 Unlined Eisenhower Jacket
  • Dickies JTC2 Insulated Team Jacket
  • Dickies LJ530 Softshell Jacket

Dickies jackets are often constructed using high quality cotton, a high-tenacity fiber that helps resist tears, rips and punctures, while providing comfort and protection from the elements. With Dickies jackets, you’ll enjoy superior quality, exceptional durability, and endless comfort. With features like water repellent fabric, adjustable waist tabs, pencil pocket on sleeve and various different linings, it’s worth taking a look at our vast selection and finding which Dickies jacket is right for you. Don’t let discomfort distract you from your important job. Order from MinnesotaWorkwear.com and take advantage of the sites daily deals! Did you know that orders over $99 ship free? What are you waiting for? Those spring showers could go on for months! Get your Dickies jacket today.

Dickies Cargo Pants

Designed for both professional work and play, dickies cargo pants are one of our most popular clothing items today. Whether you’re an auto mechanic looking for the added utility of extra pockets, or a hard core skateboarder looking for protection against road rash, dickies cargo pants are your best option to cover all of the above. As trendy as they are practical, Dickies cargo pants are the total package. Designed with features like resistance against color fading and wrinkles, extra strong belt loops, and two roomy cargo pockets with hidden zipper closure, Dickies cargo pants really do have it all. Read on to learn why so many people choose Dickies cargo pants for both work and play.

Dickies Cargo Pants Unique Features:

  • Fade resistant
  • Resists wrinkles
  • Wider, stronger belt loops
  • Stitched down pocket flap
  • Two roomy cargo pockets with hidden zipper closure
  • Extra pocket on outside of cargo pockets
  • Enhanced durability
  • Metal tack button waist closure
  • Heavy duty brass ratcheting zipper
  • 8½ oz. Vat Dyed Twill, 100% Cotton

Color options range from black, dark charcoal, desert sand or navy for most cargo pants styles. With so many colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the right pants to fit both your style and your work uniform. Dickies cargo pants are comfortable and long-lasting, and may be the only pants out there capable of withstanding your tough work day. Looking to customize further? Check out our custom embroidery and screen printing options at MinnesotaWorkwear.com. Follow this link to get a free quote on your custom artwork today. Add your own personal style, or up your professional game with custom embroidery that stands out. Minnesota Workwear also great deals on Dickies apparel, including free shipping on orders of $99 or more. Stock up on all your favorite Dickies apparel today!

Redkap Work Pants

Red Kap Pants

Whether you’re on the job at a construction site or just pulled up to a paint job, Redkap work pants are what you need to stay comfortable and clean all day long. Redkap Work pants are specially made with room for movement in the legs, allowing you to complete the job at hand without sacrificing your personal comfort. Because working outdoors and on construction sites involves getting dirty, these types of pants are made out of material that is easy to clean and won’t fall apart after only a few laundry cycles.

Most Redkap Work Pants Feature:

  • Quality construction designed for comfort
  • Fabric: 8 oz. TouchTex II™ Twill
  • Long-lasting materials such as Cotton and Polyester
  • Finish: Post-cure durable press
  • A variety of silhouettes to fit every shape and size
  • Waistband: Upgraded waistband for a more comfortable fit. Interlined for body and shape, RoKap™ construction, synthetic blend trim
  • Extra pockets designed for added utility on the job
  • Closure: Heavy Duty brass ratcheting zipper, button closures

Redkap Pants: For the “Done Right” Crowd

Red Kap makes their work clothing for the done right crowd; those workers that refuse to leave a job until it has been completed at the highest possible standard. Not only do they make their clothes for those who aspire to excellence in their craft, but Red Kap uses the same done right philosophy in designing and manufacturing the highest quality work clothes in the world. Red Kap is a brand of clothing that many professionals use at a variety of different jobs. Instead of being limited to only one type of clothing item such as shirts or hats, they focus on shirts, pants, aprons, hats, clothing for a chef, and much more. MinnesotaWorkwear.com is your one stop shop for high quality Red Kap workwear. Don’t forget, orders over $99 ship free!

Red Kap Work Shirt

Is your work wardrobe ready for a promotion? A great place to start is a classic red kap work shirt. The Red Kap SP24 Classic Solid Auto Work Shirt is our best-selling Red Kap work shirt. This shirt comes in a variety of sizes and colors, making it easy to match any job’s uniform code. The Red Kap SP24 Classic Solid Auto Work Shirt is durable and comfortable enough to make it through your work day, no problem. Here at Minnesota Workwear we offer the lowest prices on all Red Kap apparel. Whether you are looking for clothes for work or for home, we have got it all. We even offer flat rate shipping for just $6.95. Spend over $100 dollars and your order ships for free!

The Best-Selling Red Kap Work Shirt SP24 Features:

  • Style: Our Most Popular Men’s Work Shirt
  • Fabric: 4.25 oz. TouchTex II™ soft hand poplin
  • Blend: 65% polyester/35% cotton, permanent press
  • Finish: Pre-cure durable press with soil release & wickable finish
  • Closure: Men’s Style six buttons with vertical button holes, gripper (snap) at neck
  • Collar: Two-piece, lined, sewn-in stays
  • Pocket: Two button thru hex pockets with angled bartacks, bartacked pencil stall in left pocket.
  • Facing: Stitched-down front
  • Care: Industrial Wash
  • Note: Square bottom, can be worn in or out
  • Color Note:Dark Blue (DB) is NOT the darkest blue offered. Navy Blue (NV) is the darkest color blue offered.

So Many Colors to Choose From!

With over twenty colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the right match for your work uniform. Many Red Kap work shirts also feature Touchtex technology with soil release, wickable finish, and superior color retention so you can look great for months to come. Look great and stay comfortable with Red Kap work shirts from MinnesotaWorkwear.com.

Dickies Work Shirt

A Dickies work shirt is an essential element of every hard working man or woman’s work wardrobe. When you think tough, you think Dickies work shirt. Dickies is the number one choice when it comes to high quality workwear that will outlast any other brand. Despite the harshest working conditions, Dickies is sure to look great, fit well, be comfortable, and above all, outlast any other workwear apparel. Don’t waste time with poorly made workwear. Depend on a brand like Dickies to perform well when it’s your professional reputation, and the reputation of your staff on the line. The Dickies work shirt is a great addition to your workwear wardrobe, no matter the occupation. Keep reading to find out all the occupations the Dickies work shirt works great for!

Dickies Work Shirts are Great for Any Occupation:

• Kitchen Staff (Line cook, wait staff, host or hostess)
• Factory Line Worker
• Agriculture (Indoor or outdoor working conditions)
• Construction (Workers or Management)
• Management (Desk jobs)
• Cleaning staff (Janitorial)

Dickies Work Shirt: Built Tough for the Whole Family

If Dickies is what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place! One of the most extensive online Dickies clothing collections can be found at Minnesota Workwear. Minnesota Workwear also boasts some of the lowest prices on Dickies apparel. With such a great selection at such great prices to choose from, you know you’re going to find exactly what you’re looking for. Built as tough as you are, Dickies is a great choice for anyone in the family. With a wide variety of women’s and children’s wear available, MinnesotaWorkwear.com is your one stop shop for quality, reasonably priced apparel for the entire family. Wash after industrial wash, Dickies will not fade in color, nor will it fall apart. Orders over $99 ship free, so what are you waiting for? Shop Dickies workwear at MinnesotaWorkwear.com today!

Dickies 874 Work Pants

Dickies 874 work pants are a great choice for occupational apparel for both men and women. With so many sizes and colors available, it’s difficult to keep track of them all! Whether your color is airforce blue, desert sand, Lincoln green or rinsed steel gray, the Dickies 874 work pants are a great choice. Dickies pants are widely considered to be the best work pants available, and we at Minnesota Workwear are proud to offer the entire collection of Dickies work pants. Though there are countless reasons to choose the Dickies 874 work pants, we’ve narrowed their best features down the below list.

Dickies 874 work pants Special Features:

  • Sits at waist
  • Resists wrinkles
  • Easy care stain release
  • The most popular work pant available
  • Center crease
  • Distinctive tunnel belt loops
  • 8½ oz. Twill, 65% Polyester/35% Cotton

Dickies 874 work pants: Comfortable & Long-lasting

Dickies 874 work pants have a fit and design that aims for ultimate comfort and long-lasting quality. The Dickies 874 work pants even resist wrinkles and have an easy care stain release built in the fabric. This means no more wrinkled, stained employees presenting themselves as the face of your company. The Twill, Polyester, Cotton blend is specially formulated to be tough enough to withstand repeated washings, but also comfortable enough to be worn on a daily basis. This blend of fibers also stands up well to ironing and won’t fade in the wash. Get the professional, smart look of Dickies workwear today! Minnesota Workwear has been a proud provider of Dickies workwear since 1992. Enjoy Minnesota Workwear’s low prices and easy to use shopable website today! As an added bonus, orders over $99 ship free. Find out why Dickies are the first choice for hard working Americans who know how to get the job done.

Dickies Men’s Work Pants

Red Kap SP24

Dickies men’s work pants come in a variety of fits and styles that are as wide ranging as your working conditions. Whether the job is quick and easy, or long and grueling, indoors or out, hot or cold, Dickies men’s work pants are the perfect choice for you. Instead of one brand or style, MinnesotaWorkwear carries a wide selection of work pants including denim jeans in a variety of fabric thicknesses and styles to handle any wear and tear you throw at them. For example, our carpenter jeans are triple-stitched to prevent tearing from repeated kneeling and bending. Our carpenter jeans, as well as our loggers, feature durable double knees to prevent wear from rough surface contact.

Dickies Men’s Work Pants Top Selling Styles:

  • Dickies 874 Original Work Pant
  • Dickies 23-214 Cargo Work Pant
  • Dickies LP337 Industrial Cotton Cargo Pant
  • Dickies LP710 Premium Industrial Pleated Front Comfort Waist Pant
  • Dickies LP812 Industrial Flat Front Pant

For those who work hard, MinnesotaWorkwear.com has hard working, durable pants to help you get the job done. No matter your profession, we have the work pants you need, from indoor medical, retail, and academic professions to outdoor yard work, construction and welding. We have a variety of styles, materials, and colors to ensure that you find exactly what you need. We have work pants that have safety features, some that are waterproof, breathable pants that keep you warm or cool, some with reinforced knees, some with storage features, and others with visibility options.

Dickies is the world’s largest manufacturer of quality work garments. Starting small they grew for decades until the huge growth due to manufacturing uniforms for WWII. Due to their dedication to manufacturing tough workwear for the American worker, they continued to grow by adding pants and shirts, a full line of women and children’s apparel and accessories such as hats and socks, Today, Dickies manufactures a wide range of workwear and accessories that are sold throughout the United States, Europe and the Middle East.

Women’s Dickies Pants

Red Kap SP24

Women’s Dickies Pants are comfortable, versatile, and built with the same care and attention to detail as Dickies menswear. Dickies knows that the woman of today works as hard as her male counterparts. For this reason, women’s Dickies pants feature comfortable, stain resistance fabrics, professional silhouettes, and extra pockets in order to ensure their designs are as versatile as their customers. Dickies knows you can multitask, but they want you to know that they can too! At Minnesota Workwear, we know that cost and convenience are as important as our great products. All orders over $99 ship free, and women’s Dickies pants will outlast their competitors in every way.

Check out these Women’s Dickies Pants Special Features:

• Midrise fit
• Two back welt pockets on some styles
• Comfortable fabrics such as Stretch Twill (Polyester/Rayon/Spandex/Cotton)
• Wrinkle resistance on some styles
• Easy care stain release on some styles
• Fade resistance on some styles
• Smooth front hook and eye closure on some styles
• Tack button closure on some styles

Women’s Dickies Pants: Versatile & Stylish

Specially designed to look great and hold up to constant wear and tear due to rugged working conditions, Dickies women’s pants are a cut above the rest. Finding the perfect pants that fit both your body and your lifestyle can be a challenge. For this reason, Dickies has created a special line of women’s pants that include a wide variety of sizes, fits, colors and styles. Whether you are a hard working mom, executive, or carpenter, women’s Dickies pants fit the bill. Look great and enjoy endless comfort when it matters most. Enjoy Minnesota Workwear’s low prices and easy to use shopable website today! As an added bonus, orders over $99 ship free. Find out why Dickies are the first choice for hard working Americans who know how to get the job done.