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Dickies Eisenhower Jacket

As the weather turns from winter snow to spring rain, you might start thinking about purchasing a dickies eisenhower jacket. Comfortable, and versatile during those finicky spring days and nights, a dickies eisenhower jacket is just what hard working men and women need to stay warm and dry on the job. If your job requires […]

Dickies Men’s Cargo Pants

Originally designed as part of American soldier’s uniforms during WWII, Dickies men’s cargo pants have undergone decades of evolution. Dickies men’s cargo pants have become a part of American cultural history. Since 1922, Dickies has provided hard working American men and women with quality workwear. Today, Dickies continues to uphold the highest standards of quality […]

Men’s Work Jackets

For durable, comfortable apparel on the job, Dickies men’s work jackets are second to none. Minnesota Workwear is a leading supplier of Dickies products, including men’s work jackets. Dickies has been making quality workwear since 1922, and today they are the number one manufacturer of work apparel worldwide. During WWII, the company produced millions of uniforms for […]

Dickies 85283

One of our best-selling new products at Minnesota Workwear is the Dickies 85283 double knee work pants. The Dickies 85283 double knee work pants have a multitude of special features, designed with you in mind. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor manual labor, the Dickies 85283 double knee work pant will keep you comfortable and […]

Mechanic Shirt

If your office is an automotive shop and your uniform includes a mechanic shirt, you know that the right workwear can mean the difference between a great work day, and a wasted work day. A quality made Red Kap mechanic shirt is a great place to start. Whether you’re new to the job, or an […]

Redkap Women’s Work Pants

If you’re looking for comfortable, stylish, long-lasting workwear, look no further than Redkap women’s work pants. Capable of standing up to your grueling day, Redkap women’s work pants are versatile enough for hardworking women everywhere. Whether your day consists of a grueling 12 hour shift at the factory, eight hours in the office, or full […]

Dickies Double Knee Work Pants

The Dickies Double Knee Work Pants are a comfortable, stylish, and long-lasting workwear clothing item. If you need a pair of pants that are capable of holding up during your grueling work day, you need not look any further than the Dickies Double Knee Work Pants. Best of all, offers the lowest prices on the internet […]

Dickies Men’s Work Shirts

In our opinion, there’s nothing tougher than a Dickies men’s work shirt. A Dickies men’s work shirt is sure to look great, and stand up to the harshest working conditions. Designed to last, but also for comfort, Dickies men’s work shirts are a no-brainer for hard working men today. With a wide range of colors, […]