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Red Kap Work Jacket

A Red Kap Work Jacket is an essential component of the “done right” crowd. When you need outerwear you can count on, a good place to start is with a Red Kap Work Jacket. A high quality Red Kap work jacket is like a great tool when the job takes you into harsh outdoor conditions. […]

FR vs. AR – Know the Difference

Tired of navigating the endless sea of standards when trying to find the appropriate FR vs. AR equipment for you and your team? Understanding the difference between Bulwark FR vs. AR is key to keeping you and your crew safe on the job, but keeping all that information straight can be mind numbing. Minnesota Workwear […]

Dickies Work Clothes

Dickies Work Clothes have been trusted by hard workers across the United States since 1922. Minnesota Workwear is the #1 site for Dickies Work Clothes and is one of the most complete online spots for Dickies apparel. Every item, color and size of the entire Dickies clothing line is here for the lowest prices. Dickies has been […]

Dickies Shirts

Dickies shirts are popular among the hard working crowd for many reasons. First of all, Dickies shirts feature a fit that is generous through the shoulders and chest to keep you comfortable and unrestricted when you’re swinging a hammer or crawling under a car. In addition, Dickies shirts are crafted from a durable blend of […]

Dickies Work Shirt

The Dickies Work Shirt is one of the most popular workwear items. The Dickies Work Shirt is an easy choice for those of us who work in hardcore conditions day after day. Designed to withstand some of the toughest working conditions you can throw at them, the Dickies Work Shirt is a no brainer. Not […]

Dickies 874 Work Pants

Dickies 874 Work Pants are some of the most popular work pants available on the market today. Comfortable Dickies 874 Work Pants can always be found at Minnesota Workwear. Here at Minnesota Workwear, we pride ourselves on knowing our customers and what they want, and what they want is usually Dickies 874 Work Pants. Appropriate […]

Red Kap Men’s Work Pants

Red Kap Men’s Work Pants are the essential workwear item for the done right crowd. Red Kap Men’s Work Pants are made with top quality materials and designed for your tough workwear. Tough jobs require tough workwear, and Red Kap Men’s Work Pants are the some of the toughest available. Red Kap Men’s Work Pants […]

Red Kap Work Shirts

Red Kap Work Shirts, with their added utility design features, are made for the done right crowd. Red Kap Work Shirts are known for their safety, comfort and quality craftsmanship that has represented Red Kap since 1923. Here at, you’ll find the full collection of Red Kap essentials, including Red Kap Work Shirts. […]

Dickies Cargo Pants

Dickies Cargo Pants are a must have workwear item with their practical application, comfort and style options. Look great at the office, in the field, or at home with Dickies Cargo pants. Tough jobs often require extra tough apparel, and that’s when Dickies Cargo pants come in handy. Extra features make these pants appropriate for […]