Monthly Archives: March 2017

Dickies 874 Pants are the Cool Kids on the Block

The world’s toughest $30 work pants are having their moment in the spotlight! Recently featured in New York Magazine, Dickies 874 pants are the subject of what appears to be a new phenomenon. Hipsters, done with skinny jeans, have turned en masse to the iconic Dickies 874 pants. Rugged, durable, casual and retailing for less […]

A New Trend Emerges: Dickies Pants

Take a walk through a trendy neighborhood like Brooklyn, NY or Chicago, IL and you’ll see an unexpected trend emerging amongst the hip young men loitering outside of cafes and standing at bus stops: they are all wearing Dickies pants. Denim jeans have lost their luster, but comfort is still important for this fickle millenial […]