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Dickies LU200

The Dickies LU200 Industrial Carpenter Jean is not your typical pair of blue jeans. Extra details steal the show with the Dickies LU200 Industrial Carpenter Jean, including triple needle stitched side seam, yoke and seat seam. That means extra tough jeans that won’t rip or tear when you’re working hard on the job. Still need […]

Dickies LP710

Dickies LP710 Pleated Front Comfort Waist Pants are some of our most versatile Dickies pants. With its classic and professional look, Dickies LP710 Pleated Front Comfort Waist Pants are made for tough workers. There is nothing worse than having a pair of pants fall apart after wearing it a few times. With the Dickies LP710 […]

Dickies 874 Work Pants

Dickies 874 Work Pantsare some of the most popular work pants available on the market today. Comfortable Dickies 874 Work Pants can always be found at Minnesota Workwear. These pants are known for its comfort, elegance, and endurance. Here at Minnesota Workwear, we pride ourselves on knowing our customers and what they want, and what […]

Red Kap Jeans

Red Kap Jeans are designed for your body at work, play and leisure. Hard work demands durability, so Red Kap Jeans are designed using high quality heavyweight denim that can withstand hard work and frequent washing. In addition, Red Kap Jeans wearers enjoy more freedom of movement with a relaxed fit. Frayed hems and worn […]

Red Kap Shorts

Red Kap Shorts has been created with toughness, comfort, and stylishness. These Red Kap Shorts are long-lasting shorts that worn for every occasion. The purpose of the Red Kap Shorts is to withstand the harshest working condition while still providing comfort all day long. These shorts are also great for those hot summer days, so […]

Red Kap Jeans

The Red Kap Jeans are for hard workers ready to tackle the tough jobs. Red Kap Jeans are some of Americans favorite workwear. Red Kap products in general have durability under the toughest conditions, comfort, and unique designs that make them distinct. So, The Red Kap Jeans gives you comfort and protection at the job, […]


Dickies FP121 Women’s Stretch Twill Pants is not only stylish, but it is tough for all jobs. No women want pants that will fall apart or even worn out after wearing them a few times. That’s why when you buy Dickies FP121 Women’s Stretch Twill Pants, you wouldn’t need to worry about that at all! […]


Dickies 211-2372 Premium industrial Cargo Pants is one of the bestselling cargo pants. You need pants that will get the job done in any condition. Whether it is easy or hard, indoor or outdoor, hot or cold, you need the pants that will ultimately do the job in any environment. That is why Dickies 211-2372 […]


Dickies TJ15 Insulated Eisenhower Jacketcan keep you warm and especially protected. Working outside in the cold can a hassle, but when you are wearing the Dickies TJ15 Insulated Eisenhower Jacket, you will feel comfortable and be able to move around all day so you wouldn’t feel constricted. Dickies TJ15 Insulated Eisenhower Jacket demonstrates that the […]


Red Kap SP14AC performance tech shirt are known for its comfort and safety. The Red Kap SP14AC performance tech shirt is a great shirt for just about any industry, so you wouldn’t need to worry about whether this is the right shirt for the job or not. The Red Kap SP14AC performance tech shirt has […]