Why The Berne Clothing Brand?

Berne Clothing
Berne Clothing Brand has been manufacturing apparel items and gear for a variety of purposes for many, many years. The main purpose of most of their clothing and accessories is for something each of us do at least 8 hours a day, and that is WORK. Spending so much of our lives working it is important that we get clothes that work for us too. Berne Clothing is not only comfortable, it is also long-lasting and made with quality in mind.

Here is a list of our top-selling Berne Clothing items:

  • Work Shirts
  • Work Jackets
  • Bib Overalls
  • Work Jeans
  • Coveralls
  • Hi-Visibility

They don’t stop just at work though. The Berne Clothing Brand knows that people like to have fun every once in a while. There are plenty of casual-wear clothing items to choose from as well. Looking for orange and camouflage hunting apparel? They’ve got that too!

Berne Clothing Brand Has Been a Trusted Name in Apparel Since 1915

The Berne Clothing brand began as The Berne Overall & Shirt Company in a small Indiana town in 1915. Their goal was to provide farmers in their community with high-quality workwear that they could afford. Now located in New Haven, Indiana, their mission has not changed much: they are still home to quality, durable, and affordable work wear.
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