Bulwark Minute: First Edition

Bulwark FR Apparel

Did you know that this is a difference between ‘Flame Resistant’ and ‘Flame Retardant‘ apparel?

Click here to Watch this short video explaining the differences. Bulwark is the leading manufacturer of FR Apparel. Minnesota Workwear carries the entire Bulwark FR product line. Minnesota Workwear carries Bulwark FR Shirts, Pants, Jeans, Coveralls, Bibs and Accessories. Most orders ship out in less than 24 hours.

Flame Resistant is the characteristic of a fabric to self extinguish.

Flame Retardant is the chemical or chemistry that is applied to the fabric to make it

Bulwark works with two different types of fabrics. There is the treated FR fabrics that use the Flame Retardant. Then there is the inherently FR fabrics (such as Nomex) that are ‘born’ with the characteristics to be flame resistant.