Bulwark Minute: Second Edition

Bulwark FR Apparel Bulwark FR Apparel

Click Here to see a short video showing just a few of the extra features Bulwark puts into their Flame Retardant garments.

Bulwark FR Apparel is the leader in Flame Resistant workwear. Maybe you are not aware of all the special features that go into the manufacturing of these flame resistant garments. Below are just two of the many features explained.

Gusset: A panel of fabric that starts at the wrist and goes all the way down to the hem of the shirt. This eliminates the underarm seam found in many lesser quality garments and offers more comfort. This also allows the wearer to keep the shirt tucked in while they raise their arms over their head.

Godet: This is a triangular piece of fabric that is inserted into a garment. When this triangular piece is inserted into the Bulwark sleeve placket, it acts as an additional safety feature protecting the wrist and forearm.

The Gusset and the Godet are just two of the examples that Bulwark uses to incorporate safety and comfort into its FR Garments. If you are in need of Flame Resistant or Flame Retardant workwear, you need Bulwark. The #1 source for Bulwark FR apparel is MinnesotaWorkwear.com. Here you will find the best prices and FREE Shipping.  Be sure to check back soon for more informative Bulwark FR blogs.