Carhartt vs. Dickies: The Ultimate Search Showdown

Image Courtesy Olivier Hodac, Flickr.  (’re sure you might wonder from time to time what other people are searching for when they drop some words into Google, Bing, or the search engine of their choice. Do most people prefer Dickies shorts over Carhartt, or is it just you?

It’s no surprise that Carhartt and Dickies products are two of our biggest sellers, and we were curious to investigate what people specifically look for online when it comes to those brands.  Therefore, we took a look at what gets searched most often and we decided to frame our findings into a bit of a showdown. Who do you predict will win – Carhartt, or Dickies?





Dickies vs. Carhartt Overall Searches

From this chart, it’s pretty apparent who the winner is. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, Carhartt searches seemed to really peak during the colder months.

Carhartt: 246,000 global monthly searches

Dickies: 165,000 global monthly searches

Winner: Carhartt

From here, we decided to break our investigation down into finding data for respective clothing categories.



Dickies vs. Carhartt Pants

Searches for Dickies pants seem to remain relatively constant, while searches for Carhartt pants fluctuate. Did no one want to begin 2012 wearing Carhartt pants?

Carhartt pants: 8,100 global monthly searches

Dickies pants: 12,100 global monthly searches

Winner: Dickies



Dickies vs. Carhartt Scrubs

An obvious win for scrubs searches goes to Dickies. However, it appears that Dickies scrubs search volumes are trending down while those for Carhartt scrubs are trending up ever so slightly. Will they eventually be close competitors in that area? We will have to wait and see, but Carhartt has a lot of catching up to do.

Carhartt scrubs: 590 global monthly searches

Dickies scrubs: 12,100 global monthly searches

Winner: Dickies



Dickies vs. Carhartt Jackets

No questions about who the winner is here. The Carhartt data shows a similar pattern here to the data found in the first graph we provided, suggesting a multitude of people are searching for Carhartt jackets in the colder months.

Carhartt jackets: 8,100 global monthly searches

Dickies jackets: 720 global monthly searches

Winner: Carhartt



Dickies vs. Carhartt Jeans

Here is yet another chart showing Carhartt searches peaking in the fall and winter. Dickies search volumes remain constant.


Carhartt jeans: 6,600 global monthly searches

Dickies jeans: 1,600 global monthly searches

Winner: Carhartt



Dickies vs. Carhartt Shorts

Carhartt shorts searches seem to remain constant while Dickies shorts searches are higher in summer and take quite a dip in the fall and winter. Regardless, the searches for Dickies shorts seem to pick back up in the spring.

Carhartt shorts: 1,600 global monthly searches

Dickies shorts: 5,400 global monthly searches

Winner: Dickies



Dickies vs. Carhartt Overalls

The same peak for Carhartt we’ve been seeing shows up again for overalls searches. It seems like December appears to be everyone’s favorite month to look for Carhartt overalls while people really don’t seem to be looking for Dickies overalls year-round.

Carhartt overalls: 3,600 global monthly searches

Dickies overalls: 1,000 global monthly searches

Winner: Carhartt



Dickies vs. Carhartt Women's Clothing

Although Carhartt and Dickies may seem like brands targeted only to men, women still purchase and wear their products. Therefore, we couldn’t end our journey without seeing how many searches are done for women’s products. What do we see? The same familiar trend.

Carhartt for women: 1,600 global monthly searches

Dickies for women: 390 global monthly searches

Winner: Carhartt


Winner Rundowns:

Brand Name Winner: Carhartt

Pants: Dickies

Scrubs: Dickies

Jackets: Carhartt

Jeans: Carhartt

Shorts: Dickies

Overalls: Carhartt

Women’s Clothing: Carhartt


Overall Winner: Carhartt



It certainly was interesting to find such similar search trends for Carhartt – trends that mimic the very first chart in this post. The search peaks in the fall and winter could be due to cold weather, holidays, a combination of both, or various other factors.

We didn’t include other clothing articles such as shirts because of the extremely low search volumes. We also tried to stick with the most popular items.  Hopefully you now have a better idea of what other people on the internet are searching for when it comes to Dickies and Carhartt products.

Although Carhartt was the overall showdown winner, a lot of individuals seem to be searching for Dickies bottoms. Perhaps you could pair that Carhartt jacket with a pair of Dickies pants. Just a thought.