Comfort, Safety and Productivity with Red Kap Shirts

red kap shirtsRed Kap Shirts are known for their comfort and safety. Wearing the wrong shirt for a job means three things: discomfort, slowed productivity and excessively hazardous working conditions. If you are lucky, only one of these things will occur. If you are unlucky, though, you will be faced with all of these negative working conditions. That is why it is paramount that you are wearing the correct shirt for the job. For nearly a century, Red Kap workwear has been providing hard workers like you with “done right” work shirts that allow you to avoid these negative conditions.

Red Kap Shirts Offer Safety

When doing a job, safety comes first. Nobody wants to be burned or cut while on the job; that is why Red Kap shirts are specially designed to be heat retardant and cut resistant.

Workplace cuts and burns are not the only on-the-job hazards that exist. Extreme weather conditions can be equally dangerous. To combat this, Red Kap has a diverse offering of work shirts that can keep you cool in the midst of a sweltering heat wave and help keep you warm in a frozen tundra-like working environment.

Red Kap Shirts Help Productivity

If you are a welder, flying sparks not only pose the danger of burning you, but they also serve as an irritating distraction. The feeling of hot flecks of light slapping your arm every few seconds is bound to slow you down. Red Kap has produced long sleeved work shirts to prevent this, and other sorts of work-related hindrances.

Red Kap shirts also serve to more readily identify workers. This makes it easier to locate and communicate with other workers.

Red Kap Shirts Provide Comfort

Regardless of how productive and safe you are, you should still be comfortable while working. Red Kap kept this in mind when developing their shirts. As a result, they produce some of the most comfortable work shirts on the planet.