Dickies 874 Pants are the Cool Kids on the Block

The world’s toughest $30 work pants are having their moment in the spotlight! Recently featured in New York Magazine, Dickies 874 pants are the subject of what appears to be a new phenomenon. Hipsters, done with skinny jeans, have turned en masse to the iconic Dickies 874 pants. Rugged, durable, casual and retailing for less than $40, the Dickies 874 pants are the unlikely star of the hipster uniform of today.

The trademark Original 874 Work Pants are crisp-looking, sturdy and available at Minnesota Workwear for less than $40. So really, what’s not to like? Dickies pants are the hottest throwback pants since JNCO jeans‘! Long a favorite of skaters, mechanics, construction workers and janitors across the country, Dickies are suddenly the coolest pants you can possibly pull on in the morning.

“I grew up in New York and New York kids have a tendency to want things that are produced in limited quantities,”stylist Michael Baquerizo tells New York mag of their appeal.

“I like how they keep their shape, where other pants get mushy and wrinkled,” says Marcus Manoogian, a producer for Vice.

Frequently appreciated for their old-school skater style, Dickies 874 pants feature a no-nonsense style that is being picked up by NYC tastemakers such as Opening Ceremony and Vetements. The pants, however, have blue-collar roots and a history of clothing union workers of the early 1900’s. The Dickies 874 pants of today still retain that utility and durability required in the factory or auto shop.

“There’s this increased utility in menswear,” adds Jian DeLeon, the editorial director at sneaker culture site Highsnobiety.

“The line between what they’re wearing on a job site and on the street is increasingly … it’s an uncanny valley.”

Blue collar workers of America who’ve been sporting the Dickies 874 pants for the past few decades are sure to see their favorite work pants popping up on young people at the office, the mall, the skate park and everywhere in between.