Dickies Coveralls: Protection, Comfort and Style

dickies coverallsHow did Dickies Coveralls come about? During the late 1800s, coal furnace workers found that no workwear could adequately protect them from the intense heat of a furnace’s flames. Eventually, they started donning loose fitting garments to be worn over the rest of their clothing. This new work garment worked wonders in maintaining their comfort, safety and productivity. These were the first work coveralls. Since then, workers in all industries have been using coveralls to improve their working conditions. Dickies, one of the top brands in workwear manufacturing, has been producing and developing durable and comfortable coveralls for decades.

Dickies has made sure that with their line of coveralls quality comes first. Their experience in designing strong, long lasting workwear started in 1922 and has resulted in the hardiest and most diverse selection of coveralls that the world has ever seen. They provide different types coveralls for every type of worker, from mechanics to smelters.

There are many manufacturers who make durable coveralls; that is why Dickies took the design of their coveralls a step further. Through rigorous research and development and innovation, they have managed to design coveralls that are impossibly comfortable, despite their ruggedness. In addition, they managed to add a bit of style to Dickies coveralls with a unique Dickies look.

It is important to Dickies that when you buy pair of overalls with their name on them that you know for sure that they made them. That is why they stand firm behind the quality of their coveralls. To emphasize this, they offer brand protection backed by their brand authenticity statement. In short, the Dickies brand authenticity statement says that Dickies coveralls, and all of their workwear for that matter, are only distributed to and sold by authorized Dickies retailers like minnesotaworkwear.com.