Dickies Jacket

As the weather turns from winter snow to spring rain, you might start thinking about purchasing a dickies jacket. Comfortable, and versatile during those finicky spring days and nights, a dickies jacket is just what hard working men and women need to stay warm and dry on the job. Here in the Midwest, we know first-hand that you could start the day in 40 degree rainy weather, and be sunburned by lunch. There’s an old saying around here that says, if you don’t like the weather in Minnesota, just wait a minute. That’s why hard working men and women who brave the elements every day know that a Dickies jacket is unmatched in quality and comfort. These are the days when a lightweight, layer-able jacket is the only thing that will do. Read on to learn which Dickies jackets are the best styles for that rainy spring weather.

Best Dickies Jacket Styles for Spring:

  • Dickies 33-237 Fleece Lined Hooded Nylon Jacket
  • Dickies 3494 Denim Blanket Lined Chore Coat
  • Dickies 76-242 Snap Front Nylon Jacket
  • Dickies 77-293 Denim Zip Front Chore Coat
  • Dickies 78-266AL Hip Length Twill Jacket
  • Dickies JT75 Unlined Eisenhower Jacket
  • Dickies JTC2 Insulated Team Jacket
  • Dickies LJ530 Softshell Jacket

Dickies jackets are often constructed using high quality cotton, a high-tenacity fiber that helps resist tears, rips and punctures, while providing comfort and protection from the elements. With Dickies jackets, you’ll enjoy superior quality, exceptional durability, and endless comfort. With features like water repellent fabric, adjustable waist tabs, pencil pocket on sleeve and various different linings, it’s worth taking a look at our vast selection and finding which Dickies jacket is right for you. Don’t let discomfort distract you from your important job. Order from MinnesotaWorkwear.com and take advantage of the sites daily deals! Did you know that orders over $99 ship free? What are you waiting for? Those spring showers could go on for months! Get your Dickies jacket today.