Dickies Men’s Cargo Pants

Originally designed as part of American soldier’s uniforms during WWII, Dickies men’s cargo pants have undergone decades of evolution. Dickies men’s cargo pants have become a part of American cultural history. Since 1922, Dickies has provided hard working American men and women with quality workwear. Today, Dickies continues to uphold the highest standards of quality design and construction. Dickies men’s cargo pants are available in several styles, sizes and colors in order to fit your individual workwear needs. Widely considered some of the best work pants available, Minnesota Workwear offers every style, size and color made. Built to withstand the harshest working conditions, Dickies men’s cargo pants are also built for comfort and style. Transitioning from the field to the office to the couch is no problem with the versatile design of Dickies men’s cargo pants.

Dickies Men’s Cargo Pants are Versatile Enough to Fit Any Occasion:

• Work Uniforms
• Casual Wear
• Dress Attire
• Manual Labor Attire
• Office casual wear
• Lounging around at home

A Dickies pant is a true value made with a wide array of features designed to last through the toughest work day while keeping you comfortable. With seven different fits to choose from and sizes that go up to 72″ on some products we are sure to have a work pant that works for you. We offer the full range of pantts in sizes for men, women and children (they make great school uniform pants). You will find that these pants are made from a variety of materials to fit your workwear need. These materials include 100% cotton, cotton/polyester blends, and various twills including some that are flannel lined. Dickies men’s cargo pants are the tougest work pant you will ever find, you will look great while getting even the toughest job done right.