Dickies Work Clothes

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Dickies work clothes are popular for many reasons. Whether you’re looking for something comfortable, durable, or versatile, Dickies has you covered on all of the above. Did you know that Dickies work clothes could also keep you safe? Many of our customers at Minnesota Workwear have tough jobs that put them in harm’s way. From construction workers, to factory workers and everything in between, tough jobs require tough clothing. That is why Dickies has an entire line of workwear apparel that features flame resistance.

Dickies Work Clothes Saves Lives

Most serious burns from industrial jobs are caused by ordinary work clothing that easily ignites and burns while it is being worn. There are thousands of injuries that occur on industrial work sites each year due to fire. The most severe burns are not actually due to the fire itself, but rather the result of burning fabric. Fabrics react differently when exposed to fire, and certain synthetic fibers can melt in the heat, which not what you want to have happen to you on the job. Dickies work clothes with flame resistance properties, known as Dickies FR, does not ignite and continue to burn. Even one single layer of Dickies FR clothing can significantly add a layer of protection between the wearer and the fire.

Dickies Work Clothes Can Provide Added Insurance

Dickies FR work clothes are like an added level of insurance on hazardous work sites. In the unlikely event of a fire, or other accident, Dickies FR work clothes can reduce burn injury, provide escape time, and increase the chances for survival when worn. Why take chances with your life or the lives of your employees? Protect you and your employees from catastrophes in the work place with Flame Resistant Dickies Work Clothes. They can mean the difference between life and death.