Get Ready for the Storm…

Storm by Dickies Storm by Dickiesjackets will change the way you view performance wear.  This jacket is the ideal outerwear designed to protect you from the harshest weather conditions.  Dickies gear is made of breathable, waterproof and wind-resistant material durable enough for the most rugged outdoor conditions.  Not only will this jacket provide top of the line protection, but Storm by Dickies jackets are made with comfort and warmth in mind.  These jackets are designed to be light weight enough to allow you to move freely, but will still provide warmth and protection from even the most extreme outdoor elements.

Storm by Dickies jackets are created for whatever Mother Nature throws at you, such as:

·         Snow and blizzard like conditions

·         Rain and thunder showers

·         Winds

·         And much more!

Dickies started by creating bib overalls, but have since broadened to making an array of items that are tailored to fit the working individual.   Since 1922 Dickies, has been a trusted work wear provider and has created items that are made to last, look great, and are comfortable. Storm by Dickies jackets are just one of the many trusted Dickies items that will hold up against even the harshest conditions, look stylish, and fit great.


Get Into the Storm Today!


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