A New Trend Emerges: Dickies Pants

Take a walk through a trendy neighborhood like Brooklyn, NY or Chicago, IL and you’ll see an unexpected trend emerging amongst the hip young men loitering outside of cafes and standing at bus stops: they are all wearing Dickies pants. Denim jeans have lost their luster, but comfort is still important for this fickle millenial crowd and that’s where Dickies pants come in. Comfortable, durable and easily styled with a button up shirt and knit beanie, Dickies pants like the 874 pant are popping up on hipsters from Berkeley to Brooklyn. With their comfort needs met and a cool, casual look, these $40 pants have young men stocking up on Dickies pants.

No longer just for automotive specialists and construction workers, Dickies pants are now being worn by tastemakers like Michael Baquerizo, a stylist for clients like Jack Spade, Steven Alan, and Nepenthes New York. Baquerizo clearly has the means to buy any pair of pants he wants, and yet he chooses the humble Dickies 874 pant, currently selling on the Minnesota Workwear site for just $24.99. Baquerizo likes Dickies pants for their looser fit, higher rise, durability and their timeless quality. Consumers are realizing that they want a comfortable pant that requires no thought, and will be there for them for years to come in an unchanged style.

Dickies is capitolizing on this shift from skinny jeans to a more relaxed “workwear” look that is sweeping the millenial generation and affecting their clothing choices. Along with Carhartt, Dickies aims to ride this wave and expand their market.

“I like how they keep their shape, where other pants get mushy and wrinkled,” says Marcus Manoogian, a producer for Vice. Manoogian started wearing them when he was a teenager, because they were cheap and stiff. “Most skaters don’t have money growing up and it’s an easy way to stay looking fresh.” Today, he likes their versatility. “You can do a lot with Dickies. I like cutting them off for shorts and if you cuff them they stay in place,” he says.