Over all Protection with Key Overalls

key overallsKey overalls are the perfect solution for the hard worker looking for defense against the elements. The primary goal of workwear is protection; overalls are the ultimate form of protective workwear. Like all other forms of workwear, coveralls come in different styles to best fit your needs. The two major categories are coveralls and bib overalls. Key Industries, a century old workwear manufacturing company, has pushed the envelope by broadening the range of the Key overalls available in both categories.

Key Coveralls

For ultimate on the job protection for your body, coveralls are where you stop. As their name suggests, they cover your entire body from the neck down. However, not all work conditions are the same, so all coveralls should not be made alike. Knowing this, Key Industries offers a broad range of coveralls that can do anything from resist scorching flames to shut out sub-zero temperatures—all while protecting your arms, legs and entire torso from unforeseen dangers. Firefighters, smelters, cold weather construction workers and those working in freezers are just a few examples of the workers who can benefit from coveralls.

Key Industries developed their coveralls with you in mind; that is why their coveralls offer a great deal of comfort in addition to the protection that they provide.

Key Bib Overalls

Manufacturing tough bib overalls is the business that Key Industries founded their company on over a hundred years ago. Like their coveralls, Key Industries’ bib overalls are designed to give you ultimate protection and comfort. As an added bonus, their bib overalls give you extra mobility and heat management benefits not provided by coveralls. They give you mobility by leaving your arms and chest free to move about; their design creates a flowing pocket of air that gives workers facing hot working conditions added coolness.