Protection, Mobility and Temperature Management with Bib Overalls

bib overallsBib overalls have helped protect workers for centuries. They are one of the best types of workwear to add a solid layer of added protection without hindering you. That is why workwear manufacturers such as Dickies, Key Industries and Red Kap have been providing hard workers everywhere with high quality bib overalls for decades. Here is how they help you get the job done:
ProtectionWhen doing any job, protection should come first. Bib style overalls protect you by adding a tough layer of clothing over top of your already rugged workwear. Whether you need protection against hard or sharp work hazards, or you need some insulation to protect you from the elements, they can help. Vulnerable body parts, including your lower chest, stomach, lower back and legs are all directly protected by them.

MobilityUnlike other types of overalls, bib overalls protect vital body parts without restricting your movement. This type of mobility allowance is crucial for jobs that require protection and a fair amount of agility. Dock workers, for example, need to be fairly nimble to load and unload massive crates, but the working conditions include cut and bruise hazards—these overalls cover both of these bases.

Temperature ManagementThe biggest drawback to full body overalls such as coveralls is that they trap heat. Many workers out there find themselves working under a beaming sun, in a hot warehouse or in working conditions that require them to work up an intense sweat to get the job done. If this is the case, wearing heat trapping coveralls could lead to heat exhaustion. Construction workers, for example, face hazardous working conditions and a baking sun that call for protection without added heat. Bib style overalls offer solid protection without the dangerously compromising heat trapping capabilities of other overall styles.