Red Kap Cargo Pants

Red Kap Cargo Pants are comfortable, stylish, and out-perform the competition when it comes to tough workwear. If you’re job takes you into harsh working environments that require even tougher apparel, consider Red Kap Cargo Pants. Minnesota Workwear offers a huge selection of Red Kap workwear among other top selling workwear brands. With flat rate shipping at $6.95 and free shipping on orders over $100, why not choose Minnesota Workwear the next time your wardrobe needs a refresher?

Red Kap Cargo Pants Feature These Design Details:

• Style: Casual straight leg fit that’s versatile enough for any occasion
• Fabric: Twill blend that looks great and can withstand repeated washings
• Finish: Durable Press keeps wrinkles away
• Design: Extra pockets that look great and add extra utility on the job

So Many Colors to Choose From!

The Red Kap Cargo Pants are as high performing as they are stylish. Whether your job takes you outdoors, or the auto shop, or to the office, Red Kap Cargo Pants are a great choice. Durable enough to withstand multiple industrial washings, but comfortable enough to wear day after day, Red Kap Cargo pants cover all your bases. With Red Kap’s durable press fabric, you won’t have to worry about wrinkles either. All of these great features combined with the loose fit and extra pockets you’ve come to expect from cargo pants, make these pants a real winner. Make Minnesota Workwear your go to source for high quality Red Kap workwear. Minnesota Workwear offers the price prices on the internet for these great workwear items. What are you waiting for? Take advantage of Minnesota Workwear’s great deals on shipping today.