Red Kap Work Jacket

Red Kap SP24

When you need to focus on the job at hand, feeling cold and wet is a distraction you can you do without. A Red Kap Work Jacket could be just what you need if your job takes you to tough work environments like refrigerated units, harsh outdoor conditions, or simply over air conditioned offices. A Red Kap Work Jackets are the perfect solution when both comfort and professionalism are required. Stay warm and dry while representing your company well with a Red Kap Work Jacket.

Red Kap Work Jacket Features Allow for Maximum Versatility

Often times your job requires you to switch between the mobility of lightweight workwear, and the protection of heavy gear. Luckily, when you choose the right work jacket, you can get the best of both worlds. Red Kap has created a line of work jackets with your unique needs in mind. Stay comfortable, stay protected and look great with any of these top selling Red Kap work jackets.

Red Kap Top Selling Work Jackets

  • Red Kap JT22 Slash Pocket Jacket
  • Red Kap JT38 Crew Jacket
  • Red Kap JT50 Performance Panel Jacket
  • Red Kap JP66 Soft Shell Jacket
  • Red Kap JP70 Heavyweight Parka
  • Red Kap JT36 Unlined Crew Jacket
  • Red Kap JT40 Duo Tone Team Jacket
  • Red Kap JN10 Nylon Crew Jacket
  • Red Kap JN30 Three-In-One Systems Jacket

Minnesota Workwear: Your Resource for Red Kap Workwear

Red Kap has helped many industry and business workers with the highest quality clothing. The nice thing about this great company is that instead of only making a few types of items, it focuses on a multitude of items. Whether you work a commercial kitchen and need a quality work apron or a chef’s coat, or you work outside in the harsh weather and require a heavy work jacket, Red Kap has you covered. Check out our extensive Red Kap collection at today.