Red Kap Work Pant

Anyone with a tough job knows that a red kap work pant is an essential component of one’s work uniform. Particularly popular among auto technicians for their quality construction and extra utility, a red kap work pant will never let you down on the job. The perfect match to Red Kap’s utility uniform shirt, Red Kap work pants are available in four colors. Red Kap work pants are built extra tough to get you through your extra tough days. Anyone in the business knows that auto shops are busiest during the summer, with constant repairs and tire rotations needed, auto technicians tend to put in particularly long, grueling days during the hot summer months. That’s why Red Kap makes their work pants with light-weight, long lasting Polyester Cotton blends that are as breathable and light as they are tough.

Red Kap knows that there are pants, and then there are “made-to-work-on-cars” pants. One of Red Kap’s best-selling workwear pants are the PT2A Performance Shop Pant. Born in a garage, these pants are full of features designed specifically for the auto mechanics.

Some of the Features that Make the PT2A red kap work pant so Hot Include:

• TouchTex Technology – breathable comfort, strong colors and stain resistance
• Specialty pockets – constructed to be tough enough to hold heavy wrenches, keys, lug nuts and more
• IL Stretch Canvas – Exclusive to Red Kap, IL Stretch Canvas takes comfort and durability to a whole new level.
• Double Layer Knees – Designed for easy bending, but tough enough to resist wear and tear.
• Covered Buttons – Don’t be the guy that scratches that perfect paint job on the brand new Corvette that was brought in this morning.
• Inseam Gusset – This design features affords you extra room and mobility so that you can crouch, bend and stretch with ease.
• Stretch Waistband – The waist band on the PT2A can expand up to 3 inches, and then return right back to its original shape.