Red Kap Work Shirts

Of all our Red Kap Work Shirts, the solid crew shirt is one of our favorites. With many of the same features that made our two-tone Red Kap crew shirt a top-seller, the solid crew is another wardrobe staple. Red Kap Work Shirts are made for the All-American car guy, the guy who doesn’t mind getting a little oil on his hands, the guy who takes things apart just so he can put them back together again. When it comes to car enthusiasts and auto mechanics, Red Kap work shirts are a no-brainer. Read on to find out why our Red Kap Work Shirts are so well loved by so many.

Our Best Selling Red Kap Work Shirt – The Solid Crew Features:

  • Straight Hem – for a professional style that looks great whether you tuck your shirt in or prefer a more casual look.
  • TouchTex Technology – This means breathable comfort as well as bright colors and stain resistance
  • Sleeve Pocket – Keep your pens, gauges and other small tools right where you need them.
  • Ripstop Fabric – This fabric is 75% stronger than typical poplin workwear, but remains lightweight and breathable on the body.
  • Covered Buttons – Don’t be the guy that scratches that brand new perfect paint job.

Red Kap Work Shirts are Built for the “Done Right” Crowd

Red Kap Work Shirts are designed for those of you who do the real work day in and day out. Placing a huge emphasis on safety and comfort, Red Kap Work Shirts mean increased productivity for you and your hard working staff. Red Kap work shirts have been keeping working men safe on the job since 1923 and throughout WWII. Today, Red Kap is proud to cloth 16 million hard working Americans, and for good reason. There are two types of workers in this world. The ones who are satisfied with just “good enough” and the ones who won’t walk away until the job is done right. Red Kap Work Shirts are designed for the “done right” crowd. Whatever it takes. Choose Red Kap Work Shirts and give yourself that extra edge above the rest with quality craftsmanship, extra safety features, and endless comfort. Stock up today.