5 of our Most Popular Red Kap Work Shirts

Red Kap Work Shirts

As you likely already know, Red Kap Work Shirts are THE choice in work shirts for those in the automotive industry. Part of their popularity comes from the fact that they make you look good while working hard. Because they are made for work they have been made from high quality materials, are easy to care for, typically wrinkle-resistant, and have an easy-care finish. These shirts have been designed with all hard working men and women in mind, meaning that a variety of sizes, styles, lengths, and sizes are available.

Here are 5 top picks for Red Kap Work Shirts:

  • The Red Kap SP24 Classic Solid Auto Work Shirt is the best choice in apparel when it comes to standing up to your tough work day.
  • The Red Kap SP14 Geometric Micro-Check Work Shirt is the industrial shirt that’s ready for a promotion to supervisor status.
  • The Red Kap SP14 Durastripe Work Shirt keeps you looking clean, no matter how dirty the job.
  • The Red Kap RT32 Color Blocked Visibility Shirt is the visibility work T-shirt that’s built better, because it’s built for your body at work.
  • The Red Kap SP24 Durastripe Industrial Work Shirt is the perfect work shirt for just about any job.

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