Redkap Women’s Work Pants

If you’re looking for comfortable, stylish, long-lasting workwear, look no further than Redkap women’s work pants. Capable of standing up to your grueling day, Redkap women’s work pants are versatile enough for hardworking women everywhere. Whether your day consists of a grueling 12 hour shift at the factory, eight hours in the office, or full time at home with the kids, Red Kap knows that you need clothes that stand up to any challenge. is your main source for high quality Red Kap workwear. With flat rate shipping at just $6.95, and orders over $100 shipping free, why not choose Minnesota Workwear to fulfill your tough workwear needs?

Redkap Women’s Work Pants Feature These Tough-Tested Designs:

• Quality construction designed for comfort
• Cotton Twill with Mechanical Stretch
• Brass zippers and button closures
• Set-in hips pockets are as flattering as they are useful
• A variety of silhouettes to fit every shape and size
• Premium soft hand Cotton
• Countless fit, style and color options to choose from

Redkap Women’s Work Pants: When Average Won’t Cut It

Red Kap makes their work clothing for the done right crowd; those workers that refuse to leave a job until it has been completed at the highest possible standard. Not only do they make their clothes for those who aspire to excellence in their craft, but Red Kap uses the same done right philosophy in designing and manufacturing the highest quality work clothes in the world. Red Kap knows that the “done right” crowd includes hard working women across the United States. Mothers, managers, factory foremen, executives; Red Kap knows that tough women are filling these rolls and in desperate need of clothing that can stand up to the challenge. Redkap women’s work pants will withstand the harshest repeated washings, while maintaining their professional look and superior comfort. Redkap women’s work pants make it possible for you to have it all.