Rugged Red Kap and their Hardy History of Workwear

red kapWhen you think of workwear Red Kap is one of the few names that comes to mind—they have been providing workers of all types with durable workwear products for nearly a century—but to truly comprehend how deep their dedication to providing quality workwear runs, you need to know a little about their history.

The History of the Red Kap Brand

Since the beginning, Red Kap has been providing a durable array of workwear for those who need them; the quality of their product was so excellent that the United States military took notice. During WWII, they were contracted to aid in the war effort by providing military combat apparel. They provided the military with everything from full combat uniforms to gas masks. The hardy combat apparel that they supplied the military with during the war effort truly solidified them as one of the top workwear brands in the world.

After the war had proved just how tough their workwear products are, the company knew that they had to find a way to distribute them to hard workers everywhere. To accomplish this goal, they went out and networked with distributors who could more effectively provide those in need of high quality work apparel with their workwear products. This tradition continues today, as they still work with dedicated distributors such as to deliver their goods to hardworking individuals everywhere.

Never a company to be satisfied with the status quo, Red Kap redefined what it meant to be a workwear manufacturer during the 1960s; they were the first workwear production company to open their own apparel research and development laboratory. This has led them to develop workwear products that are improving in strength, durability and comfort every single year.

Today, they continue to pursue their mission of providing workwear products for the “done right” crowd.