Tall & Long Shirts

Photo: Yes. 

The words 'Tall' & 'Long' mean the same thing when ordering shirts. It adds to the body length as well as the sleeve length for most manufacturers.

YES. They are the same.

We get a lot of customers that come to us for work shirts. Both Red Kap and Dickies make many work shirts in a large selection of sizes. Some work shirts by Red Kap are made up to a size 6XL. Many of the work shirts are also made in Tall or Longs sizes. Some of our customers were getting confused in thinking there was a difference between a ‘tall’ and a ‘long’ work shirt.


Below is a size chart of one of our more popular workshirts by Red Kap. The SP24. Since it is a shorts sleeve work shirt, length is only added to the body and not the sleeves.

Red Kap SP24 Size Chart

Size Small Medium Large X-Large 2X-Large 3X-Large 4X-Large 5X-Large
Neck  13½-14½ 14½-15½ 15½-16½ 16½-17½ 17½-18½ 18½-19½ 19½-20½ 20½-21½
Chest  34½-38 38½-42 42½-46 46½-50 50½-53 53½-56 56½-59 59½-62
Waist  36 40 44 48 51½ 55 58½ 62


Reg  Regular Back Length
Long  Regular Back Length plus 1½”


The SP24 work shirt by Red Kap comes in an astounding number of color combinations. Not all of them are available in tall/long sizes. As the large chart below shows, most Tall/Long sizes do not start until the size Med in most cases.




Red Kap SP24 Size Availability Chart
Solid Colors Style # Regular Tall / Long
Black SP24BK S-6XL XL-4XL
Burgundy SP24BY S-4XL
Charcoal SP24CH S-5XL M-4XL
Chocolate Brown SP24CB S-4XL
Dark Blue SP24DB S-4XL
Grey SP24GY S-6XL L-4XL
Khaki SP24KK S-4XL
Light Blue SP24LB S-6XL L-5XL
Light Grey SP24LA S-6XL M-5XL
Light Green SP24LG S-6XL L-4XL
Light Tan SP24LT S-6XL M-5XL
Navy SP24NV S-6XL M-6XL
Orange SP24OR S-4XL 2XL-3XL
Petrol Blue SP24MB S-6XL M-5XL
Postman Blue SP24PB S-5XL L-4XL
Red SP24RD S-5XL L-4XL
Royal Blue SP24RB S-4XL
Silver Grey SP24SV S-5XL 2XL
Spruce Green SP24SG S-5XL L-3XL
White SP24WH S-6XL M-5XL
Yellow SP24YE S-4XL
Stripes Style # Regular Tall / Long
Light Blue/Navy Stripe SP20BB S-6XL L-3XL
GM Blue/White Stripe SP20BW S-6XL M-5XL
White/Charcoal Stripe SP20CW S-6XL M-5XL
Charcoal w/ Blue/White Stripe SP20GI S-4XL L-4XL
Green/Khaki Stripe SP20GK S-4XL L-2XL
White/Green Stripe SP20GW S-5XL L-4XL
Blue w/ Brown/White Stripe SP20IC S-4XL
White/Brown Stripe SP20WT S-4XL
Charcoal/Red/White Stripe SP24CR S-4XL
Gray/Blue Stripe SP24EX S-6XL M-5XL
Navy/Khaki Stripe SP24KN S-4XL L-2XL
Navy/Red Stripe SP24RN S-6XL L-2XL
Med. Blue/Lt. Blue Twin Stripe SP24ML S-3XL
Navy/Light Blue Twin Stripe SP24NL S-3XL
Charcoal/Red Twin Stripe SP24RC S-3XL
Micro-Check  Style # Regular Tall / Long
Denim Blue Micro-Check SP24DN S-3XL
Blue/Charcoal Micro-Check SP24GB S-3XL XL-2XL
Khaki/Black Micro-Check SP24KB S-3XL

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