The Best Work Pants for Men

best work pants for menWhat are the best work pants for men? Different jobs have different needs; work pants are no exception. In order to help you find the work pants that are right for you, this article will show you the six of the best work pants for men by brand.

Berne Work JeansWith their line of work jeans, Berne put durability first. They produce nearly all of their jeans with a tough lining to add additional ruggedness, so if you are logging, working construction or doing any other tough or dirty job, these jeans will fit the bill.

Dickies Work PantsAfter nearly a century producing tough work apparel, Dickies clothing has become a paragon of the tough workwear industry; Dickies’ pants fit their enormous profile. Dickies work pants blend comfort and ruggedness all into one.

Red Kap Work PantsRed Kap work pants are all about comfort and durability. If you want comfortable work pants that will last a long time, these are the best work pants for men that you will find.

Key Industries JeansIf overall fit and toughness are your preferences, then you will want to check out Key Industries’ jeans. Their jeans are built to have a relaxed, comfortable fit while still standing up to the toughest environments.

Bulwark Fire Resistant PantsIf your job requires you to be near intense flames, then you will want to be donning a pair of Bulwark’s fire resistant pants. From fire fighters to smelters, Bulwark has been protecting hard workers mired in heat for years.

Chef Designs Wear Chef PantsChefs are required to wear clothes that protect them from the dangers of the kitchen while still looking good. Chef Designs chef pants are aiding masters of the culinary arts everywhere with their comfort, durability and snappy style.