The Key to Protection is a Set of Key Bib Overalls

key bib overalls

Why choose Key Bib Overalls for your workwear needs? When you invest in workwear, you want to get it from a brand that you can trust. This is especially true for bib overalls, which exist for on-the-job protection, comfort and mobility. With well over a hundred years of experience manufacturing bib overalls, Key Industries knows that bib overalls work. Their company history speaks volumes about their dedication to providing the best bib overalls that you can wear at work.

Key Industries Bib Overall Manufacturing History

In 1908, C.A. Lankin and Harry McKey founded the company, then known as the Lankin-McKey Manufacturing Company. For the next 30 years, they exclusively manufactured bib overalls. This exclusive focus has allowed them to develop their line of Key bib overalls into one of the toughest bib overall brands in the world.

Even after they started producing other types of workwear, Key Industries remained focused on developing and manufacturing the perfect bib overalls for workers everywhere. This steadfast resolve has resulted in them improving their line of Key bib overalls every single year.

Present Operations

As a generations old family owned business, workers can rest assured that Key Industries is only beholden to their customers. All of their bib overalls are developed with what you need in mind. Their research and development team has listened very closely to the needs of the people, and they now offer over a dozen type of bib overall that are protective, comfortable and stylish. Their lineup includes bib overalls that offer waterproofing for workers who have to slosh through swamps, heat resistance for those who face intense flames and all-around protection for anyone who faces general on the job hazards