Top 3 Red Cap Shirts

Red Cap Shirts are a common misspelling of Red Kap Shirts. But spelling doesn’t affect the high quality or wide range of products available by this trusted workwear brand! Red Cap Shirts are trusted by hard-working individuals in a wide variety of industries, including mechanical, custodial, automotive, and more! They are better than any other work shirts on the market. We are even able to ship most of our shirts within 24 hours so they will end up at your doorstop in no time! Red Kap carries shirts in more sizes, styles and colors than any other brand. Sizes range from small to 6xl depending on the style.

Here is our pick for the top 3 red cap shirts we carry:

Work polos are stylish and comfortable whether you are working or hanging out at home watching the game. Minnesota Workwear offers the full range of polos from Red Kap at the lowest prices and with quick shipping. Their work shirts have been designed with toughness in mind, and the high quality construction means that they will last you a long time. Most work shirts made by Red Kap are easy care items, made out of wrinkle resistant cotton, industrial wash, and with an easy-care finish.

Why Choose Red Cap Shirts from

Red Kap has been offering long lasting and high quality workwear since 1923. Their long history of great value and durability is what helps set Red Cap Shirts apart from the rest.